High Precision Solid Densimeter MGR-120 / MGR -200

Solid Density Testing


The main body is a high precision balance which has density calculation software system inside.

It also can combine with the unique density accessory. And according to the standard of rubber (JISK6530) and plastic (JISK7112); that the testing method is by adopting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle.


1.          Model

MGR-120  /  MGR-200

2.          Density precision


3.         Weighing precision


4.          Maximum weight

120g  / 200g

5.          Calibration

Using the internal weight

6.          Voltage



1. It has internal weight to calibration it; therefore, it can calibration it automatically.

2. It has RS-232, so that, it is easy to connect to printer or PC.

3. Standard size of water tank: 150*100*90mm.


Density kit