Precious Metal Purity Tester TWS-1200K

Precious metal testing

  • TWS-1200K


According to the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, gold karat, density and purity % can be showed rapidly and accurately.



Model TWS-1200K
The maximum weight 1200g
Weighing precision 0.01g
Density precision 0.001g/cm3
Karat precision 24K or 24.0K
Purity precision 100% or 100.0%







1. Touch Screen: interaction dialogue is easy to operate it.



2. it will show all result at one time 


3. Temperature Sensor Interface: The temperature can be detected and compensate the measurement error automatically.



4. USB interface: It can connect to PC.


5. RS-232 interface: It can connect to printer and PC.




6. The temperatures of liquid medium which can auto detect by sensor and compensate for causing measurement error.

7. USB and RS-232 allow connection to the printer or PC.

8. Upgrade from LCD display to Touch Screen display. 

9. Upgrade from Analog key pad to Digital Switch.

10. Upgrade from Temperature detection setting by manual to Automatic.