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Precious Metal Purity, Gold Karat Tester GP-1200KN

Precious Metals Density Tester

  • GP-1200KN


Suitable for :

Jewelry industry , Bank , Pawn industry , Gold and Precious Metal research lab.

Principle :

According to the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle , can show gold karat , density and purity% rapidly and accurately .   


The maximum weight
Weighing Range
Weighing precision
Density precision


●Only two weighing steps , karat , density and purity of gold can be showed rapidly and accurately.

●With the mixture proportion function , it can be used for testing density and purity of platinum , silver and other metals.

●With the special software design , it can directly and circularly show the gold karat (including gold-copper-silver , gold-silver , gold-copper) , gold purity%(including gold-copper-silver , gold-silver , gold-copper).

●With the function of HI and LO limit , the wide karat range from 9K to 24K and the LO value can be set freely .

●No stains and scratches left on gold after testing,it doesn’t need to use the sulfuric acid solution or test the standard samples .

●Pure water or distilled water can be used as testing medium , it is low cost and easily got .

●By adopting the design of big tank , it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by supporting wire’s buoyancy .

●Can’t test hollow samples and the samples with precious stones ; it can be used as general balance .

●Standard size of water tank: 150X100X90mm .

●The water tank length of GP-1200KN can be customized according to the customers’ demand .