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Sulphuric Acid Specific Gravity, Baume, Concentration Tester FMS-120 SA

Liquid Density Tester

  • FMS-120 SA
    FMS-120 SA
Suitable for:
Fertilizer products, paint, steel pickling, extraction of ferrous metals, detergents, plastics and man-made fibers, wastewater treatment and steam products, experimental units.
According to the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle and the standard of GB/T5526, 13531, 15223, 5009, the density, Baume Bé°, concentration % of sulphuric acid can be showed correctly.
FMS-120 SA
Measuring Range
0.001g - 120g
Density Precision
0.0001 g/cm3
Baume Precision
0-66 Bé°
Concentration Precision %
Settings of temperature and solution compensation, Concentration Linearity setting
Standard Interface
●Just need 50CC, it can show Specific Gravity(S.G), Baume Bé°, Concentration % of sulphuric acid directly.
●It has the function of high limit and low limit set, and the machine is equipped with buzzer.
●It has the function of compensating the temperature correction coefficient 0.000025/℃of sulfuric acid.
●It has the compensation function of volume expansion coefficient for quartz glass weight.
●It has the compensation function of deviation caused by air buoyancy.
●It can work with thermostatic water tank, the testing result will be more reliable.