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Specific Gravity, Baume Bé° ,Modulus Tester for Sodium Silicate FMS-120 WG

Liquid Density Tester

  • FMS-120 WG
    FMS-120 WG
Suitable for:
Civil engineering, Chemical systems, Light industry, Textile industry, Machinery industry, Construction industry and Agriculture industry.
The machine adopts liquid buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, and calculating by special software, the Specific Gravity S.G, Baume Bé°, Modulus M of Sodium Silicate can be showed rapidly.
FMS-120 WG
Measuring Range
0.001g - 120g
Testing Sorts
Specific Gravity(S.G), Baume Bé°, Modulus M
Specific Gravity Accuracy
0.0001 g/cm3
Range of heavy Baume Bé°
0.1-80.0 Bé°
Modulus M Range
Settings of water temperature and solution Compensation, Concentration linearity setting
Standard Interface
●Just need 50CC, it can show liquid Specific Gravity(S.G), Baume Bé°, Modulus M directly.
●It has the function of high limit and low limit set, and the machine is equipped with buzzer.
●It has the compensation function of volume expansion coefficient for quartz glass weight.
●It has the compensation function of deviation caused by air buoyancy.
●It can work with thermostatic water tank, the testing result will be more reliable.