MatsuHaku Density Tester

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Porous Solid Density Tester TWS-300P Series

Permeability Density Tester

Applicable Industry:

TWS-300PC - Ceramic, Pill, Construction, Magnetic material and wood.

TWS-300PY - Minerals, Rocks, Sponge, Eva, EPDM, Refractor, Graphite.

TWS-300PM - Powder Metallurgy and oil-impregnated bearing.


Hight light of TWS-300P

With 5 sets of memory, you can test 5 samples at one time.



1. Using Touch Screen Display.

2. Interaction Dialogue Mode.

3. With RS-232 & USB Interface.

4. Temperature detection and compensation automation.

5. All test results are displayed on the display at the same time.

6. Db, Oil%, Da, Db + four major software for your choice.


Mind displace screen:



Testing steps:

1. Weighing the dry weight of sample in the air 

After water-proof method

2. Weighing the sample in the air 

3. Weighing the sample in the water