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Powder & Liquid True Density Tester QL-120T

Powder Density Tester

  • QL-120T Liquid
    QL-120T Liquid
  • QL-120T Powder
    QL-120T Powder

Principle: According to the standards of GB/T533-A, GB/T1033.1, GB/T6155, BG/T23561, YB/T5300, JB/T7984.3, GB/T1713, GB/T8929, BG/T1713, BG/T208, GB/T5071, QB/T1010, GB/T18856, GB/T24203, GB/T8330 and SL-237, and by adopting the immersed volume displacement method of Archimedean principle, and cooperated with pycnometer, it can show the measuring resrult directly. 



Model QL-120T
Weighing Range  0.001g~120g
Density Precision 0.0001g/cm3



* Mode 1 : Can show powder, pellet true density directly.

* Mode 2 : Can directly show the density, concentration of solution.



* Under immersed method, choosing the liquid which can not dissolue but can moisture the sample surface is important.

* For ceramic materials, such as feldspar, quartz adn ceramic products, distilled water can be used as liquid medium.

* Forcement material, kerosene or xylene and other organic liquid can be used as testing medium.

* For inorganic powder, organic liquid also can be chosen.

* The bubbles need to be removed when powder immersed in the liquid totally, then the excluded volume can be confirmed.

* by using porcelain mortar to rub powder and filter it by 240 mesh sieve, then put the powder in the weighing bottle and dry it by moisture meter under 105, take out and cool it to room temperature in desiccator.