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Suspension & Emulsion S.G & C% Tester TWS-300LD

Liquid Density Tester

  • TWS-300LD

Suitable for: 

Chemical industry, food industry, medical industry, research laboratory...etc.


In accordance with ASTM, JIS ISO standards, and by adpoting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, the S.G and concentration of liquid can be showed repidly.



Mode: TWS-300LD

The maximum weight: 300g

Weighing range: 0.01g~300g

Density range: 0.001-7000

Density precision: 0.001g/cc

Con% precision: 0.1%~100.0%



1. Upgrade from LCD to Touch Screen display.

2. Upgrade from Analog Key pad to Digital Switch. 

3. Upgrade from Temperature detection setting by manual to automatic.

4. USB and RS-232 can easy to connect to the printer or PC.


1. Just need 50cc, it can show the liquid density rapidly.

2.The weight accessories can be chosen according to the liquid properties.
3.There is no need to concern about the problem of u-shape canal frequency oscillation which can destroy the dispersed phase and continuous phase.

4.Suspension and emulsion are unstable system, in order to avoid the separation of dispersed phase and continuous phase, stainless steel weight can be adopted and it can be immersed into the liquid quickly.
* Standard Accessories : 
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* Optional Accessories :