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Powder Tap Density Tester GP-01

Powder Density Tester

  • GP-01


Suitable for :

Powder metallurgy ,Powdered carbon ,Coke graphite ,Bio-pharmaceuticals , Magnetic materials ,New energy materials ,Plastic ,Powdered milk and Food dosage industry and so on .
Principle :
The machine is on the basic of ASTM B527,D4164,D4781,IDF 134,ISO 787-11,3953,8460,8967,9161,JISK5101-12-2,Z 2512,MPIF 46,USP<616>Part II,BSIB527,GB/T 21354,5162,14853 and so on .
Function Setting
A. Counter 0-999 times dip switch setting ,
power-down automatically
B. Continuous tapping setting
Can be adjusted from 3 to 30 mm/m
Tapping times
Can be adjusted from 15 to 320 mm/m
W 180 × D 300 × H 230 m/m
AC 110/220  50/60Hz
Counting sense
Photoelectric Sensor
Measuring tubes
25,100,250(ml) measuring tubes
are standard accessories
●The measuring of this machine is achieved by tapping regularly the measuring burette which contains powder. After users choosing the filling volume, the tapping action can start, when changes happen, the reading will be showed.
●This tapping is finished by up-down tapping of measuring barrel at the specific tapping strength and appointed distance. In the process of tapping, the machine will minimize the block matters when tapping down, and the transparent glass filling pipe can be helpful for observing and reading the measuring value.