MatsuHaku Density Tester

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Multi-function Solid Density Tester GP-1200EN

Solid Density Tester


Suitable for:

Rubber, Plastic, Electric wire, Hard alloy, New materials research lab


According to ASTMD297-93, D792-00, D618, D891, GB/T1033, JISK6530, ISO2781 standards, and by adopting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, it can show the measuring result directly.


Weighing range
Density Precision
Testable sorts
Solid, particle, film, floating samples
Value showed
Apparent density, volume, mixture ratio, density and volume change rate


●It has the function of Hi limit and Lo limit, can judge whether the density of the sample is appropriate or not, and it is equipped with buzzer.

●It can be connected to the PC and printer easily by RS-232.

●It adopts design of big tank, it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by supporting wire’s buoyancy.

●It has the function of density and volume change (can set the time of 1, 10, 30, 60sec)

●It has the function of temperature and solution compensation.

●Standard size of water tank:150×100×90mm.

●The water tank length of GP-1200EN can be customized according to the customer’s demand.