MatsuHaku Density Tester

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Oil Seal Rubber Mass, Volume Change Rate Tester MH-300ER,MH-600ER

Solid Density Tester

  • MH-300ER/600ER

Suitable for:

Vulcanized rubber, Packing seals, oil rings, O-rings, D-rings, V-rings, packing, oil seal research laboratory


According to the standards of JIS-K-6258, ISO1817, immerse the vulcanized rubber pieces in fuel oil, alcohol fuel additive, lubricants and other liquids, and check the quality, volume, surface area, extract, hardness and changes in mechanical properties of the testing pieces.

Weight range
0.01g - 300g/600g
Value showed
Density, Volume, Mass change rate,
volume change rate, Volume expansion rate
Testing precision
Density 0.001g/cm3, Volume 0.001cm3,
Change and Expansion rate 0.001%
Density Range
>1, <1 both can be tested



●The machine can be used for testing EPS, PUR, PE, PF, UF

●The materials whose density is higher or lower than 1 g/cm3 are all can be tested.

●No need tedious calculation, it can directly show the mass and volume change rate, apparent density and volume expansion rate of vulcanized rubber, oil seal products.

●By adopting the design of big tank, it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by supporting wire’s buoyancy.

●When using corrosive liquid as testing solution, the anti-corrosive water tank can be chosen.

●Standard size of water tank:150×100×90mm, Sample size can be tested:100×70×35mm.