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Apparent Density Tester for Large-size materials QL-2000E/ QL-3000E

Solid Density Tester

  • QL-2000E / QL-3000E
    QL-2000E / QL-3000E

Suitable for:

Rubber, Plastic, Hard alloy, Powder metallurgy industry, Casting parts, Aluminum foundries, precious metals recycling industry and so on.


The machine is composed by Japan precision balance and Taiwan Matsuhaku professional density accessories. In accordance with ASTMD297-93, D792-00, D618, D891, GB/T1033, JISK6530, ISO2781 standards, and by adopting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, can accurately and directly show the density of the sample.


Measuring range
Density precision
Density range
>1,<1 both can be tested
Testable sorts
Solid, particle, floating samples


●There is relative relationship between products’ density and the compression strength or tensile strength. Large-size parts can not be partition tested, under partition testing, the cut surface will influence the density testing result incorrect.

●The testing method of QL-2000E/3000E is not as the same as hanging testing method, it is designed by using large-scale density testing platform, it is suitable for testing large-size materials and The internal size of water tank is 21*17*12 cm.

●The maximum weight can reach 3100g, density precision is 0.001g/cm3.

●By testing density, the changing of certain materials composition or the flaw of product can be indicated, such as crack or bubbles.