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Solid Green Apparent Density and Volume Tester QL-300MG,QL-600MG,QL-1200MG

Solid Density Tester

  • QL-300MG/600MG/1200MG

Suitable for:

By using the mercury medium method, the apparent density and volume of the porous fine ceramic, firebrick, magnetic ferrites and other porous materials can be tested.


ASTMD297-93, D792-00, D618, D891, GB/T1033, JISK6530, ISO2781 standards. Water replacement method of Archimedean principle.


Weighing range
Density precision
0.001 g/cm3
Testing medium liquid
Can set the density of mercury
Testing sorts
Apparent density and volume of permeable materials



●The machine is suitable for testing apparent density and volume of water absorbent products.

●By using spinning falling equipment, the sample can be easily dipped into the mercury liquid.

●The sample immersing depth can be adjusted freely; it is suitable for irregular samples.

●The sample can be taken out easily after test.

●It is confirmed by medical scientist that mercury is poisonous liquid, if mercury vapor is inhaled, it can cause mercury poisoning. Please note the exhaust system should be perfect served for testers.