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On-line S.G Controller for Liquid MH-1000

Liquid Density Tester

  • MH-1000


Suitable for:

On-line specific gravity control for various liquid, such as washing tank, plating tank, etching tank and other industrial processes.


It is designed by using the Load Cell as a major sensing component and adopting water displacement method of Archimedes principle.


Density testing Range
0.000-2.000 SG
Specific Gravity Resolution
0.001  SG
±0.003 SG
Analog output
Hi/Lo (Two relays)
Ideal Running Temperature
AC100V~240V   50/60Hz


●This machine is designed according to the load-cell Sensor detection method; it adopts the wheatstone bridge and water displacement method of Archimedean principle to test the buoyancy value, transmit the analog signal of weight to S.G controllers and then amplify and convert into digital signals and show the density on the display.

●The detection range is not restricted by floating ball’s weight.

●According to the different kinds of S.G balls, the liquid sorts for on line testing can be added.

●For different kinds of liquid, the different specific gravity balls can be chosen.

●The specific gravity of liquid can be continuously measured.

●Hi limit and Lo limit can be set freely. It has analog control contact.