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Relative Density and Concentration Tester QL-120BH,QL-300BH,QL-600BH

Liquid Density Tester » QL SERIES

  • QL-120BH/300BH/600BH
Suitable for:

Dispersive paint, ceramic pulp,Printing ink, Liquid  resin, Grind liquid, asphalt, liquid adhesive, the research lab of middle or high viscous fluidity liquid.


According to the standards of GB/T21862, GB/T15223, GB/T6750, ASTM D1475, ISO2811-2, ISO1675, DIN53217-3, and by adopting the immersed Gamma ball volume displacement method of Archimedean principle, and cooperated with the special pycnometer, the machine can show the measuring result accurately.

Weighing Range
Density precision
0.0001 g/cm3
0.001 g/cm3
Testing type
Middle or high viscous Liquid
Testing result
Can directly show the liquid density and concentration

●The immersed depth of Gamma ball can be willfully adjusted, Gamma ball can be replaced easily, easy operate.

●Can improve the deficiency of Gay Lussac and Hubbard pycnometer.

●Any weight of Gamma ball can be as the standard value, no restrict of volume.

●Can compensate the deviation caused by air buoyancy.

●Can directly show the solution concentration value by the specific gravity of measuring solution.