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Thermostatic Water Cycling Device for Liquid TW-01B

Liquid thermostatic device

  • TW-01B


The device can be used when small-sized thermostatic device is needed for testing density and concentration of organic and inorganic solvent in chemical industry, acid, alkali, salt, alcohol, oil, sugar and other liquid materials in food industry and in other research and inspection field.
The device is designed by adopting the Peltier Effect of semiconductor thermoelectric refrigerator and cooperating with the water cycling system, the thermal energy is leaded to radiator and dissipated into the air; the other end absorbs the heat from the cycling water to achieve the thermostatic cooling effect. The external can be connected to the liquid special water cycling sink.
Temperature controller:
Double P. I. D. microcomputer automatic
calculation function
Temperature display:
LED digit display 0.1 °C
Temperature range
10 °C ~50 °C
Temperature accuracy
± 0.1 °C
Temperature controller
Double P. I. D. microcomputer automatic calculation function
Temperature display
LED digit display 0.1 °C
Liquid cycling tank dimension
Φ95mm × 53mm
Liquid sample
50 CC
External dimension
1. TW-01B can satisfy the regulation of ASTM, GB/T, ISO, DIN and other international standards, the testing solution can be placed under the temperature condition of 15.0 °C , 15.6°C, 20.0°C, 23.0°C, 25.0°C,27.0°C to test, and the data tested will be more reliable;
2. Thermostatic controller is controlled by double PID, the temperature is controlled by PID no matter higher or lower than room temperature, the resolution is 0.1°C; it has the compensation function of temperature deviation; and it has the warning and output function when the temperature is too high or too low.
3. All the pipelines are protected by insulating sheath to keep the temperature.
4. Can work with TWD liquid tester and other brand (such as Mettler, Sartorius, Shimatsu, etc) to process thermostatic liquid density testing,
Beaker extractor: TP-28
It is made from low thermal conductivity material; it can make sure that the liquid temperature will not be influenced by human touch.
Processing constant temperature treatment:
Testing solution and glass weight can be put together to process constant temperature treatment synchronously; no need to take account of the temperature difference between testing liquid and glass weight which can cause measuring deviation.
Glass weight: TP-32 (Material: glass borosilicate)
Linear thermal expansion coefficient at 20 °C: α=3.3×10-6
Volume expansion coefficient at 20 °C: β=9.9×10-6
Stainless steel weight: TP-33 (Material: 304)
Linear thermal expansion coefficient at 20 °C: α=11×10-6
Volume expansion coefficient at 20 °C: β=33×10-6
Application procedure of TW-01B:
1. Put testing solution and glass weight into 50㏄ beaker
2. By using beaker extractor, remove the beaker into thermostatic water tank of TW-01B to process constant temperature treatment.
3. When the temperature reaches the standard, hook the weight in solution by using the hook of TWD-150 measuring platform, the specific gravity of the testing liquid will be showed directly.
Application of combination:  TWD-150 + TW-01B