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S.G, API, C% Tester for Petroleum TWD-150API

Flowing liquid testing domain

  • TWD-150API


Application: Oil exploration, oil refineries, liquid fuel plant, energy research lab.


Principle: Referring to the standard regulation of GB/T1885, ASTMD1250, D1298, by adopting the buoyancy of the object immersed in the liquid, the density and volume of the irregular weight can be used as the testing standard of petroleum;   
Testing type
Specific Gravity (S.G), °API,Concentration(C%)
 Weighing precision
S.G range
0.0001~2.0000 (glass weight)
API° range
C% range
Standard interface
1. It has the compensation function of air buoyancy.
2. It has the correct function of weight volume thermal expansion coefficient and temperature deviation value.
3. According to the specific gravity value of petroleum, and then by using non-linear method, concentration can be converted.
1. The body is cast integrally by using aluminum alloy, the structure is stable; the unstable screen problem caused by load cell measuring influenced by pressing the key and the damage problem caused by petroleum penetrating into circuit board and sensor will not occur.
2. The measuring position and sensor are on the same platform, it can improve the defect of the measuring deviation caused by corner load.
3. The screen independent design is adopted and the screen is separated from the measuring platform, the problem of the screen damaged by petroleum corrosion and adhesion will not occur.
4. With the special hook design, and just 50㏄, the S.G of petroleum can be showed directly, and then API, concentration can be converted.
Key measuring points:
1. According to the standard of ASTM D1250, the best testing environment for petroleum is under the temperature condition of 15.6℃.
2. According to the standard of GB/T1885, the best testing environment for petroleum is under the temperature
condition of 20℃.

 1、Liquid thermostatic device TW-01A & beaker extractor TP-28:  

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