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Online Measurement for Chemical Solvent S.G,Bé, C% TWD-CS-ONLINE

Flowing liquid online testing domain



Application: Saline pharmaceutical factory, sodium chloride production plant, canned food industry, quenching agent production plant, chemical solution research laboratories.


Principle: Referring to the standard of GB/T611, T2423, T13531, T5009, ISO 6353, ISO758, and by adopting hydrostatics buoyancy method, Bernoulli principle of hydrodynamics to online monitor the specific gravity change of sodium chloride, and then by applying Lagrange polynomial interpolation, the dynamic data of online sodium chloride concentration can be converted.
Buffering device: TP-30
With the special design of buffering device TP-30, it is fully consistent with the hydrostatic principle; the data tested will be more accurate.
S.G range
0.0001 – 2.0000(glass weight)
Testing type
Specific Gravity (S.G), Baume (Bé), Concentration (C%)
S.G precision
Bé range
0.1~80.0 Bé
C% range
Standard interface
Technical data:
A. During transfusion, the concentration of saline entering into the human plasma is 0.9%; for birds, it is 0.75%; for amphibian, it is 0.65%.
B. When using salt spray test machine, the sodium chloride solution with 5% concentration is supplied as the salt spray corrosion standard solution.
C. In the continuous quenching production process of carbon constructional steel and tool steel, the solution brought out by workpiece, fixture, and the solution evaporated, and the salt brought to quenching liquid by workpiece from the salt bath all will make the concentration of the quenching liquid change, so the salt concentration needs to be adjusted frequently.
D. According to the workpiece characteristics and technical requirements, adding water to dilute to get different concentration, then the quenching liquid with different quenching intensity can be obtained to meet different needs.
1.The main-body of this device is placed on the easy-operation platform, and the main-body is equipped with sampling tank.
2.The testing liquid is in and out from the in-out hole on sampling tank, the liquid density will be showed automatically by according to the buoyancy changing of sensor ball in sampling tank.
3.The density measurement and monitor of sodium chloride can be finished just by continuous actions, and then the dynamic data of online sodium chloride concentration can be converted and showed.