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Thermostatic-type Liquid Relative Density and Concentration Tester QL-120L

Liquid Density Tester

  • QL-120L

Suitable for:

Chemical industry, food industry, aquaculture, emulsifier, vegetable oil, research lab and other places which need constant temperature condition.


According to the standards of ASTM D1475, GB/T5526, 13531, 15223, 5009, JIS, ISO and by adopting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, the temperature of solution in water tank is under the constant temperature condition, the liquid relative density and concentration can be tested.


Measuring range
0.001g - 120g
Density & concentration range
D: 0.0001-2.0000, C%: 0.1%-100.0%
0.001 g/cm3
0.0001 g/cm3
Testing sorts
Plant oil, Additive, emulsion, Lubricant


●Just need 50CC, the density and concentration of liquid can be showed rapidly.

●It has the high limit and low limit setting, equipped with buzzer.

●Any weight can be as the standard value, do not suffer volume restriction.

●The weight accessories can be chosen according to the liquid property.

●It is unnecessary to consider the compensation problem of grease expansion coefficient 0.00064 / ℃

●Can compensate the deviation caused by air buoyancy.

●Can directly show the solution concentration by the solution specific gravity.