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High Precision Dense Solid Materials Density Tester TWD-124SDM,TWD- 225SDM

Solid materials density testing domain

  • TWD-124SDM


 Application: Pores-free tiny flakes, granular non-foam plastic, tiny vulcanized rubber sample, tiny flakes of wire and cable, high-density hard alloy, new materials research laboratory.

Principle:Referring to the standards of ASTM D297, D792, GB/T1033, T533, T3850, JISK6530, ISO2781, 1183, according to the test environment provisions in GB/T2918, ISO291, and applying the buoyancy of the object immersed in the liquid and hydrostatics principle, the density of dense solid materials can be showed.
Testing type
Solid, Pellet, Film, Floating body
The maximum weight
Weighing precision
Density precision
0.0001 g/cm3
0.0001 g/cm3
Density range
   >1, <1
1.Specific gravity software is built in the machine, density of solid and liquid can be tested.
2.The big tank design is adopted, the inaccuracy caused by supporting wire’s buoyancy can be decreased
3.Can work with different liquid accessories, the liquid specific gravity needed can be tested.
4.The machine is suitable for developing and researching tiny parts or new materials.

Key measuring points:
1.For constant temperature control of impregnating solution (degassed distilled water), it should be placed under the temperature condition of 23±0.5℃ or 27±0.5℃.
2.For constant temperature control of impregnating solution (other degassed liquid medium), it should be placed under the temperature condition of 20±0.5℃.
By purchasing liquid thermostatic device TW-01D, the temperature of impregnating solution can reach the international testing standard, the data tested will be more reliable.
Liquid thermostatic device TW-01D:
Standard operation method: Please refer to catalog TW-01D