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Mercury Relative Density and Concentration Tester QL-1200BM

Liquid Density Tester

  • QL-1200BM

Suitable for:

Mercury recycle, mercury relative density and concentration testing of manufacturer.
GB/T21862, ASTM D1475, ISO2811-2, DIN53217-3 standards; Immersed Gamma volume replacement method of Archimedean principle.

Weighing range
Density precision
0.001 g/cm3
Can show mercury density and concentration directly
●By using this machine, the density and concentration of mercury can be showed directly.
●By using spinning falling equipment, the Gamma ball can be easily dipped into the mercury liquid.
●The liquid immersed depth can be adjusted freely, and the Gamma ball can be replaced easily.
●Mercury is poisonous liquid by medical scientists confirmed, if inhaled mercury vapor, it can cause mercury poisoning. Please supply good exhaust system for testers.
●Any weight of Gamma ball can be as the standard value, without the limit of volume, easy to operate.
●Mercury density data depends on the temperature, can cooperate with the thermostatic water tank to get more precise data.
●Can compensate the deviation caused by air buoyancy.
●Can directly show the solution concentration value by the specific gravity of measuring solution.