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Bulk Density Tester for Graphite and Carbon Electrode MH-300F,MH-600F

Permeability Density Tester

  • MH-300F/600F


Suitable for:

Graphite, Carbon electrode, Refractory. Corrosion-resistant materials, New materials research lab.


According to the standards of ASTM D854-02, C359, JIS, GB/T24528, 6155, 24203, YBT63, ISO, and by adopting buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, the Vacuum saturation method, Boiling water saturation method, and Immersion method can be used; it can show the measuring result directly.

Weighing Range
0.01g- 300g
0.01g- 600g
Density Precision
0.001 g/cm3
0.001 g/cm3
Settings of water temperature and solution compensation
●For permeable graphite and carbon electrode products, MH series can directly show the bulk density, dry density ,apparent density and apparent porosity and water absorption of refractory materials.

●The machines can directly show the powder true density of graphite and carbon powder by choosing professional pycnometer.

●The machines have the function of water temperature and solution compensation setting.

●When using corrosive liquid as medium, the anti-corrosive water tank can be chosen.

●The machines can be connected to the PC or printer by RS-232.

●By adopting the design of big tank, it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by supporting wire’s buoyancy.

●Standard size of water tank:150X100X90mm.