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Liquid Specific Gravity, Light Baumé and Concentration tester FMS-120LBé

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  • FMS-120LBé
 Suitable for:
Industrial chemistry, pharmacology, brewing industry, sugar beet processing, ophthalmic, starch industry and wine-making industry.
The measurement of Light Baumé Bé° adopts the liquid buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, after calculating by special software, it can show the liquid specific gravity S.G, light baumé Bé°, concentration C% rapidly.
FMS-120 LBé
Measuring range
0.001g - 120g
Testing sorts
Specific gravity S.G, Light Baume Bé°, concentration C%
Specific gravity precision
0.0001 g/cm3
Light Baume Bé°range
0.1 - 80.0 Bé°
Concentration range
Settings of temperature and solution compensation, Concentration Linearity setting
Standard interface
●Just need 50CC, it can show the liquid specific gravity S.G, Light baume Bé°, concentration C% directly.
●It has the function of high limit and low limit set, and it is equipped with buzzer.
●It has the compensation function of volume expansion coefficient for quartz glass weight.
●It has the compensation function of deviation caused by air buoyancy.
●Can work with the constant water tank, the more reliability data can be obtained.