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Slurry Density, Solid Content Tester FMS-120Mud

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  • FMS-120Mud
Suitable for:
Concrete slurry, Explosives slurry, Bentonite slurry, Pulp, Fertilizer slurry, Meat slurry, Polishing slurry, Ice slurry, Cement slurry, Silicon carbide slurry, Soy milk, Starch slurry, Slurry research laboratory
According to the standard of ASTM D4380, and by adopting Gamma ball volume displacement method of Archimedean principle, and cooperating with the special design of pycnometer and software, the density, solid content% of slurry can be showed correctly.
Weight Range
0.001g - 120g
Testing Sorts
Concentration% of solvent, solid content%, slurry density
Density Precision
0.0001 g/cm3
Solid Content Range
Solvent Concentration Range
Standard Interface
●Just need 50CC, the density and concentration of solvent, solid content %, and slurry density can be showed directly.
●Gamma ball can be easily replaced, easy operate, Gamma ball is not restricted by the  volume.
●It has the function of high limit and low limit set, and the machine is equipped with buzzer.
●It has the compensation function of volume expansion coefficient for quartz glass weight.
●It has the compensation function of deviation caused by air buoyancy.
●It can work with thermostatic water tank, the testing result will be more reliable.